Precision Engineering Services

C Rayment Ltd is a precision engineering company that specialises in turning, milling, grinding, boring, die stamping, punching, welding, sheet metal fabrication and bending. A combination of hi-tech CAD design systems, CNC machines and more traditional digital options machinery provide the flexibility necessary to enable high volume production to be scheduled in conjunction with smaller batch production and one off emergency services. Fast and reliable machining of all types of materials from very hard specialist steels to solid plastics have built our strong reputation within the Food Industry, Medical Equipment, Safety Equipment, Petro-chemicals, Telecommunications, Electronics, Printing and Tool Making Industries.

Designing complex equipment, machining all the individual parts, heat treating individual components, providing special finishes, assembling and testing all the items and preparing them for transporting and storage are all part of the personal service. Quality control is an integrated part of every process and a computer controlled audit trail is utilised for every order.

Attention to detail and the recognition that every part of the order process is a chance to add value makes us different